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vacio Flotilla

Mensaje por Golden Spirit el Miér 19 Ago 2015, 20:19


This UFO Fleet was captured at my house in my backyard. I have never seen anything quite like this as I have seen several birds in formations like this but never this high up. These were well above the planes that fly at least 7000 ft up. So I ask you if these are birds then how big would these birds have to be? Since when do birds shine? I have caught some very strange anomalies in the sky and what I have found is that they are not the typical saucer shape as most people have been steered to believe from our popular culture's depiction of UFO's. I also have to point out that this was something that i spotted literally at the mere short glance which is how most of these events happen. I don't know where these are from and I have seen similar anomalies in other people's videos where objects are in formation and traveling extremely fast and high in the sky that would equate to miles being crossed in a matter of minutes. I have gotten footage of multiple orbs but never like this before. Thanks for watching and don't forget to like comment and subscribe if you want to see more honest and truthful ufo videos.
Golden Spirit

Corrientes similares, paralelas o con puntos comunes en algún aspecto con la Theriantropía u Otherkinismo (sintiéndose o no algo más que humanos, como por ejemplo daimonistas, totemistas, nahualistas, cambiaformas, etc)

Capaz de hacer desplazamientos (cambios de "forma"). Seres "cambiadores", polimorfos (polymorph), transmorfos, almas "cambiadoras", hombres lobo ('weres' en general), etc (Shapeshifters)

Energía y Espíritu (Diversas formas)
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vacio Re: Flotilla

Mensaje por antonioPJ el Miér 26 Ago 2015, 18:57

Los avistamientos irán en incremento, pero los contactos en detrimento.

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